It's been a while...

It has been a while since Room 7 posted anything so we have decided to write a post as a class and bring you up to date with all the exciting things that have been happening in our room and in the Year 3/4 team since we last wrote.

This term we have had 2 people join our class, Jack H. from Australia and Zara W. from Huntly.

During Maths, we have been using our Numicon equipment to help us gain a better understanding of numbers and how they work. It is really cool and lots of fun to use.

On a Wednesday afternoon have started a rotation between the Year 3/4 classes. All the teachers are taking a different activity. We spend two weeks having fun with a teacher before moving on to the next class. 

In Room 4 Mrs Martin takes Yoga. In Room 14, Mrs Layton takes directed Art activities. Mr White is taking STEM activities in Room 5, these include using Beebots, drones and the iPads. Mr Oliver, in Room 6 is taking Science based activities and in Room 7 Mrs Bibby takes Building Challenges using…
Every Friday, Room 14 does Math's Problem Solving. Last weeks challenge was that the children had to make a paper tower that held a tennis ball. It was an interesting exercise with lots of outbursts of frustration!! However, the children persevered, trying new ways and listening well to each others thoughts. They worked in small groups so they were building on their cooperative skills as well. 

You're not holding the tennis ball on are your Braedyn??

The learning tower of Mairehau??

Good thinking guys. You took one storey off and hey presto, your tower held up the tennis ball. Ka pai!!

Week 1, Term 3 - Emma and Jack F.

In week 1 we got a new child from Australia called Jack in Room 7. 

For Inquiry we wrote our favourite thing, least favourite thing and our most interesting thing about the playground. We used  ipads and took photos of the equipment on the playground.  We could use any playground.  

                              we could work on any playground, little,                                  medium or big.  This is the double bars and a lot of people like them. In the picture is Yishay, Charlie, Blake and Kalo.
We were pleased to be back at school and to catch up with our friends.

The end of Term Two by Sienna, Ava and Ella!

Towards the end of Term Two Mrs Bibby introduced a new way that we were going to do Reading. we have been learning about MUST DO tasks and THEN DO tasks for Reading. Some of our must dos are handwriting, forward and backward words, boggle board and some of our then dos are newspaper task, find a word and word of the week sentences. We have to do these tasks while Mrs Bibby is working with a reading group. We have to show a friend to get it checked off when we have finished one before we are allowed to go onto the next task.

On the last day of Term 2, our good friend Mariah left to go to another school. 😭😭😿😿Mrs Bibby took some selfies of us all.

Mariah was a great friend and we will miss her a lot.

Bria's Dad, Peter, came in during the last week of term to read a story to us that he has written, we all thought it was really funny and hope that he does well and manages to get it published. 

On the Tuesday of the last week we had an opportunity to go to other classes to look at what …

Week 8 by Caleb and Yishay

This week we have a new Maori 'word of the week'  in room seven it is 'poitarawhiti' which means netball.

We do discovery every Monday and Friday. We get out equipment that we want to play with like straws and connectors, blocks and we get to use chalk outside.

We have started doing Jump Jam in the mornings. It is songs that have actions that we watch and copy and dance.

Our favourite song is 'Who Let  the Dogs Out' or 'Freaks'.

Week 7 by Chelsea and Mei

We learn a Maori word every week and we name it the 'Word of the Week'. This weeks Maori word is 'heihei it means chicken. Room 7 makes sentences with the word of the week this can be one of the sentences Apopo the pahi will fly up to the rangi, engari the awa will be to flooded for the pahi to drive and the heihei will have to swim. All the word of the weeks are, apopo it means tomorrow,pahiit means bus, rangiit means sky, engari it means but and awa it means river. We keep the word of the week on the whiteboard and if you come in room seven you will see the word of the week.

We are learning about Dick Frizzell art works and we have coloured our own and they look stunning. If you come in our classroom you will see them on the wall. We did two and one was hot colours and the other one was cool colours. Under all of our art works we placed our signature to know which one is ours and Dick Frizzell put his signature that's why we did our signature under our art works as we…

Week 6 by Sophia and Ruby (and Mrs Bibby)

Mrs Bibby belongs to a Year 3/4 Teaching group on Facebook. Recently one of the other members asked if anyone would be interested in writing letters to her class in Leicester, England. Mrs Bibby thought it would be good to do some learning about other cultures from other countries as well as learning about the cultures we have in our own classroom. She put Room 7 down and waited...
We think the class voted on who to write to and they chose US! We were excited when we received the letters through Mrs Bibby's email address. We had them printed off and we have read them.

 We have started gathering our ideas about what to write back and are trying to answer the questions they have asked as well.

We have even had a look at their school on Google Maps and discovered that they don't have any grassed area. When we read their letters we found out they had a look at where our school is and were surprised that we had a swimming pool!
We hope to send our letters to them by the end of the week…